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Rehydrate and Revitalize your body with IV Therapy, the fastest most efficient way to infuse your body with nutrients and hydration with a 100% absorption rate. Choose one of our recommended services from below or customize your own drip!


The same migraine fighting medications you may receive in the ER at a fraction of the cost.


Boost your immunity to obtain relief, or to prevent cold/flu related illnesses.


When one drink turns into five, restore your body with the hydration and nutrients needed to function again.


Specially formulated to support peak performance, promote recovery and reduce pain/inflammation.


IV hydration treatment has quickly gained immense popularity because it can provide enormous health benefits. If you’re looking for IV therapy in Denton, you’ve come to the right place.


Located in the heart of DENTON Texas, Mainline Hydration Therapy specializes in helping people improve their health and overall well-being through iV fusion. As the first and only IV bar in Denton, we offer a unique line of blends that are designed to help treat many common ailments, including hangovers, nausea, altitude sickness, the flu, and the common cold. With many vitamin-infused cocktails to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find one that makes your symptoms disappear.

When delivered directly into the bloodstream, the benefits you’ll experience and enjoy are often felt within minutes. Taken orally, you must wait for the nutrients to be absorbed through your digestive tract, losing approximately 50% along the way.

To ensure the best results, we build a personalized treatment plan. A medical screening and questionnaire is done to determine which infusion is best for you. Our team of licensed medical professionals will customize

IV drips based on your wants and needs. It’s that simple!



Why take IV vitamins when I can take a pill?

When introduced directly into the bloodstream, your body absorbs 100% of vitamins immediately.

Taken orally through food or supplements, they are broken down in the digestive tract and have a

40-50% absorption rate.

Do IVs hurt?

Many people describe it as a quick pinch. An IV is inserted into the vein through the needle, which is removed after a few seconds, leaving a small flexible catheter that remains in place during the treatment.

Is your staff licensed or certified?
Yes, our IV’s are administered by a licensed medical professional.

How long does a treatment take?
Depending on which drip you choose, it generally takes about 30-45 minutes.

How often can I do this?
IV treatments can be administered as needed.

What kind of results can I expect?
Most people notice an increased energy level and overall better feeling. Proper vitamin levels are necessary for proper metabolism, cortisol levels and sleep patterns. Vitamin infusion therapy can also support the immune system, which is important in the winter months and holidays, when stress levels are high.

Is it safe?

There are risks involved with any medical procedure, however, vitamin therapy is very safe with the most common side effect being temporary redness/soreness at the injection site.


Do you take insurance?
At this time we do not take medical insurance.

What medical issues would disqualify me from IV hangover treatment?
If you are currently dealing with any moderate to severe medical conditions, you should consult with your primary care provider before seeking this or any other medical treatment. Additionally, all of our patients must give informed consent prior to receiving treatments. Patients will not be treated if under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

IV Vitamin Therapy Treatments
We are committed to providing you with treatments that will alleviate symptoms of a hangover, reduce stress, boost energy and improve overall wellness.

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